wardrobe as
embodied practice
Use your clothes to support and
unleash your hidden qualities.

Clothes are more then make you look like,
it's about how they make you feel.
The way we dress and choose our clothes is the way we live.
Clothes is continuation of our embodiment and identity.
Also clothes is a tool to influence our mind and emotional states, by changing body sensations.
We all have a body.
We all getting dressed.
We are living in our clothes almost 24/7.
That's why we created this course to make your style embodied, and bring attention to not only how you look like, but how it makes you feel.
embodied style online course
How do you want to be?
Learn how to be embodied in your clothes
Bring awareness to your dressing habits
Express your personality with your style
Exploration mindset, practical tasks and support of the group
3 weeks
All materials will be avaliable for another 3 month after the course has finished.
9 + 1 tasks
We will be offering 3 tasks a week + 1 STEP-BY-STEP CLOSET QUEST.
3 webinars
Every week we are giving practical tips and new models which will help to develop your style in embodied way.
Every day
Body & mindfulness practices to refine your closet awareness.

3 weeks of exploration
Course is based on holistic approach to body-mind and psychological research in embodied cognition.
Week 1
Tuning into embodied awareness.
Setting up your goals for the course and diving in exploration.
Exploring your current style choices and getting to the core of it's embodiment.

Webinar 1 "How do I look?".
Talking about what is a "look" and body-image, connection to style choices.
Week 2
"Unpacking" your style.
Starting the Closet QUEST - moments of truth! How long did that skirt been in that shelf? Do you still like those shoes? Does this dress still reflects who you are?

Disecting your ideas about your style.
Analysing and checking it it real life. Formulating our own criteria - what is really important for you in your clothes?

Webinar 2.
We will talk about how to connect visual and embodied, give practical tips for creating your looks.
Week 3
Getting to the core of who you are and what do you really want to look like.
Expanding horizons, getting out of comfort zone and experimenting with unusual looks.
Creating your "state capsules".
Harvesting the results and celebrating!

Webinar 3 "ELEMETary style. Embodied identity revieled.
We will talk about "4 element model" and how you can use it for getting your better "fitting" looks.
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What can you gain?
More awareness - more joy!
By the end of the course you'll hopefully get into habit of noticing your body sensations and learn how to listen on them.
You'll be more aware how does your clothes make you feel and how you can influence your states, emotions and impression with your style choices.
Understanding, what is important
You will create your own "road map" to your closet, based on values and principles you've discovered during the course journey. And you would be able to use it when you open your wardrobe in the morning or hunting in a shopping mall;)
Pleasure to choose
No more pain of "I don't know what to wear" :)
Who we are?
Olga Berdikyan
Photographer, psychologist, embodied facilitator & holistic dance teacher.
Author of photo-coaching method "Authentic photoshoots".
Originally from Moscow, currently based in Berlin and studying Neuroscience in Humboldt University.

Antonina Osipova
Psychologist, embodied facilitator and creative arts therapist.

Leader and teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles in Russia, co-founder of BodyMind Forum.
Author of Embodied Style approach from 2016.

Use your clothes to support and unleash your hidden qualities
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